Accepted Items & How We Work


  • Antique & Quality Furniture (Mid Century, Teak, etc)
  • Vintage Lamps & Lighting
  • Fine Rugs/Textiles
  • Fine Art & Sculptures
  • Decorative Figurines
  • Studio Glass & Pottery
  • Jewelry~Costume & Fine
  • Advertising Signs
  • Automotive Collectibles
  • Model Trains, Planes & Cars
  • Vintage Toys & Games
  • Coins & Stamps
  • Military Memorabilia
  • Musical Instruments
  • Movie/Sports Memorabilia¬† Photography Equipment
  • Primitives * Quality Tools * Historical Items
  • And More

Precious Metals License #2775

No upholstered or particle board furniture

Vintage Suitcases in a stack


For those who only need certain items in a home removed and not an entire clean-out, we offer what we call the “Treasure Hunt.” This entails a review & assessment of pictures of your items prior to our visit, at which point we will come to your home with our truck and actually evaluate and purchase agreed upon items.

After pictures have been emailed to, you will receive a call back with our assessment & set up a time to come to your home. The very day Mike and a helper come out, they will sort through your items and offer to outright purchase them for a fair price. This option is for lower value items, furniture, etc. that we feel would be a good fit for our store. For high-value items, we will offer consignment terms of 15%-30% commission depending on value. Either way, our many years of experience identifying things of value gives us a solid foundation for offering the fairest price so you feel properly compensated and we are able to sell for a small profit as well.

The benefit of a direct purchase option is that the risk of selling in a timely manner is on our shoulders. You have the benefit of immediate cash-in-hand, removal of items, and the ability to immediately use that money toward your goals. We know some of the things we buy might not sell, but our job is to help rid you of your unwanted items and find them new homes, and that is exactly what we do!


Due to the pandemic, we have changed our consignment policy to only include items of high value, i.e., coins, precious metals, etc. We will review your items and determine the best option for you.

For high-value consignment items, we offer consignment terms of 15%-30%. As an experienced eBay seller, we will professionally photograph your item(s), perform research, post well-written and impartial descriptions, handle email correspondence, collect payment from the winning bidder, and pack and ship the item. You will get a check in the mail, usually less than 30 days after dropping your items off. Click HERE to see what we have listed on eBay right now.

Our store is open from Thur-Sat 10-4, Sun 12-4. (NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED BUT CALL IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF STUFF OR REQUIRE EXTRA ATTENTION). Monday-Wednesday we are usually handling house calls or clearing an estate. Please feel free to call the shop and leave a message; we will return your call by the next business day.

We find that most of our estate customers need our trained eyes in identifying what is valuable and what is not. If you have questions about the potential value of certain lots or items, please call us at 240-207-3783 or email pictures to with your questions and contact information.

We cover Maryland, D.C. and Virginia & limited areas in PA & WV.