As a full service estate liquidation company, allow us to relieve you the burden of downsizing or sorting and selling the personal property of a friend or loved one. If you are the executor of a deceased relative, we know from experience the daunting task you are faced with. In addition to dealing with grief and memories, you now have an entire house full of contents which must be cleared – usually in short order to make the property ready for sale. When it comes to moving ‘stuff’ the issues are time, labor, and money. If you can sacrifice some of the money, let the time and labor be our problem! We offer a total house clean out service and all you have to do is take anything that is special to you and let us decide if what’s left is trash or treasure as this is what we do for a living. Serving Montgomery County and most of Maryland, we are up to the task of evaluating and inventorying everything from furniture to collectibles. Why torture yourself going through box after box of trinkets or break your back moving things when you don’t have to. Watching a few cable shows does not make you a professional ‘picker’ and we could tell you numerous stories of customers who had already thrown away thousands of dollars worth of items before we arrived on the scene!
Vintage Suitcases in a stack
Local auction houses have no remorse about giving away things for pennies on the dollar as their primary goal is to empty their facility for the next auction. And ‘estate sale’ vendors who set up shop in your home for a weekend will likewise turn and burn the contents for a fraction of the real value at the eleventh hour. As a consignment store and Internet auctioneer, we have multiple re-sale venues and more time to match items with buyers who are willing to pay fair prices! Operating with integrity and respect, we will visit the property, make note of the valuables, and give you options ranging from consignment, to direct purchase, or offering you a discounted rate to clear the entire home. In summary, we offer a smarter solution for estate liquidation.

We just wanted to share this quick success story: As part of our estate management service, we are sometimes contracted to ‘sweep out’ the entire contents of a home for better or worse. Naturally we will purchase or take on consignment any items of noteworthy value but in some cases, there is so much ‘junk’ that once we have picked the visible items, the customer still needs to get rid of everything else. In these instances, a fee is negotiated to remove the undesirables. Since we are ‘pickers’, the beauty of hiring us to manage the clean out allows that in the event we find something of value buried in the trash- we will notify the owner and alter the terms of agreement if needed.

The other day, we found over $10,000 of US Savings Bonds made out to the executor of the estate and rescued them from the trash. A junk removal service would not have noticed these and they would have been lost forever. Just another reason to keep us in mind to help liquidate the contents of your estate.

As partners with Habitat for Humanity, we always donate lots of items when doing a clean-out job! We cover Damascus, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Silver Spring, Colesville, Rockville, Potomac, Bethesda, Great Falls, Darnestown, Montgomery Village, Wheaton, Frederick, Hagerstown, Mount Airy, Baltimore and most of Maryland.