Vintage Suitcases in a stack
Here at Curiosity Consignment, we wanted to be part of something above and beyond simply being in business. This is why we have partnered with Opening New Doors to support women and children recovering from domestic violence right in our very own neighborhood. Abuse can be found in families from all walks of life and those in the battle need somewhere to turn for help. In a broken legal system that can not always protect or counsel these families, Opening New Doors is standing in the gap.
Their mission is to: Provide victims and survivors of domestic violence, as well as their children with resources, therapy, intensive case management, and supportive wrap-around services to help them successfully become safe and self-sufficient within the community.

For those who have extra ‘stuff’ and want to help, we are now accepting donations of nice items that can be sold to the general public with the proceeds being forwarded to Opening New Doors. Donated items will be checked in under the charity’s account and will only be assessed a minimal commission to cover selling and processing expenses and fees. We will gladly handle any item that has an estimated value of $50 or more. We are not taking clothing or common housewares, but you may contact Opening New Doors directly to see what their needs are at 240-317-7990. While not everyone has extra money to spare, we all have plenty of stuff; so if you no longer need something, please consider donating it to a worthy cause. All donations earn you a fair market value donation receipt which is fully tax deductible.