Downsizing Consultations

Vintage Suitcases in a stack
No two projects are alike. When it comes to downsizing years’ worth of accumulated possessions, our clients have various goals and different types of items require different handling. It usually starts with a visit to the home to take an inventory of what’s for sale.

When you first contact us, we want to get to know your situation. Are you moving? Do you have a storage unit? Was there a death in the family? Are you looking to get top dollar for a premium collection of some type or do you need the contents from a home appraised and liquidated right away including the good, bad, and ugly?

The first step is to get us some pictures of what’s for sale. You don’t need to be a professional photographer, just open the blinds, turn on the lights, and pull out your smart phone, tablet, or digital camera. You can email or text your pictures or you can even stop by our store with them in person. In many cases, we can give you an idea as to values and strategy without the need for a house-call. Focus on furniture pieces, collections of any one type of item, or anything that you suspect may be particularly interesting or possibly having high value.

If we feel there is a match, we will schedule a visit and talk about consignment or direct purchase options. House-call fees start at just $100 which covers an informal appraisal of interesting items in the home and the labor to pick up consignment items. Usually, we will show up to your home with a truck and workers ready to pack and move your inventory that same day. Higher value items placed on consignment will be electronically inventoried and posted for sale on sites like eBay and Craigslist within a matter of days. Our software keeps track of your items and keeps you informed every step of the way so you always know what’s going on. Items in our possession are insured however, high value pieces should already be on your existing home-owner’s policy just in case. About 90% of consignment items are sold and paid out within a three-week period!

Unlike a traditional auctioneer or an estate sale company that turns your home into a weekend flea-market, we get things out of the home to our store right away where we have a little more time to match quality items with buyers who are willing to pay a fair price! While not all items will have value, some things may be worth more than you think so use our knowledge and experience to sort the trash from the treasure and help you clear your house quickly. Our commissions are competitive and our service is excellent. Why wait another day when you can hire us at little or no upfront cost? We’ve sold tens of thousands of items to just as many people over the years and while it can be a lot of work, we love what we do and you will too.