HO Scale Brass Soho Pennsylvania Passenger Train Car Set Lot

Submitted by Mike on June 4, 2016
Sale Price

We've already mentioned the value of quality model trains but sometimes in our business we are faced with the choice of selling items individually or as a set and in this case, the value of selling the entire set was greater than if we had broken up the lot. Knowing the best strategy to sell your items works in your favor and often more than makes up for our commission fees!

Antique Metal Steel Stamping Punch Die Lot

Submitted by Mike on May 27, 2016
Sale Price

This is one item that even I underestimated and one set turned out to date back to Civil War times! The beauty of putting items on consignment and auctioning them on eBay is that the whole world is your audience and we just keep our fair commission and let the bidders decide the value. The buyer of this lot even wanted to know the history behind them which we knew and were glad to share! We love putting items in the hands of people who will appreciate them!

Antique Block Rope Pulley

Submitted by Mike on May 5, 2016
Sale Price

While a $20 sale is below our minimum for consignment, the reason I wanted to post this was to share that the buyer of this piece was in Hong Kong and paid $60 on top of the purchase price to have it shipped. So in essence, it was worth $80 to him! I know that manufacturing companies look for specimens of old items prior to mass producing new similar products and It would not surprise me if this is on its way to be the mold prototype. The world is a much smaller place these days and we love putting local items on every continent!

Vintage Porcelain Hollywood Regency Greek Revival Candelabra Lamps

Submitted by Mike on April 21, 2016
Sale Price

We've talked about vintage lighting before and this time I'm just showing off my packing prowess but just to put things into perspective, it took me over an hour to pack these (and I'm a pro)! A one hundred dollar sale only netted us a $35 commission, so while I probably only broke even selling these, the buyer was overjoyed to get them (in one piece) and that makes the effort worthwhile.

Antique 1923 Bluebird Childs Lewis Meyers Student Art Desk

Submitted by Mike on April 4, 2016
Sale Price

Certainly not a big sale but I thought this piece was interesting as it represented progressive learning from nearly 100 years ago. A portable fold out desk with an activity book, chalk board and scrolling learning materials. I've heard elderly people say that while children have always been loved, long ago kids were often regarded as cheap labor and education was not always a huge priority among the middle class. Leave it to Canada to have developed such a tool. And sure enough, someone in Canada bought this so it's on it's way back - haha 

Antique German Marionette Wood Folk Art Puppet Doll

Submitted by Mike on March 20, 2016
Sale Price

Some items we find are so obscure that even the vast wealth of knowledge available on the internet can not help us identify them. This figure was obviously old and I was fairly sure it was of German origin - the only marking found were two letters which looked like 'LD' and I suspect it was a handmade folk art piece. In cases like this, we simply do our best to represent the item and let the power of eBay find the buyers.

Rare Orange Pekoe Barbie Doll

Submitted by Mike on March 19, 2016
Sale Price

Most 'contemporary' dolls (made within the past 25 years) have very limited re-sale value - especially those that are noted as being 'collector edition'. Some however will shine and the collectors will pay a fair price. This Barbie would have sold for even more if she had been complete with CoA.