Large Lalique France crystal Ingrid cooler ice bucket vase

Submitted by Mike on January 6, 2017
Sale Price

Prior to using our service, the consignor of this item was contemplating having an in-home estate sale to downsize her items. Pieces like this vase are often overlooked and underpriced at such sales as most people wouldn't recognize that it originally retailed for $2,000 or more and could have sold for next to nothing. While most contemporary made items will never sell for what they retailed for, we almost always get more for nice items than what a local auction or estate sale would.

Obi Tan Interactive Orangutan Plush Toy

Submitted by Mike on December 1, 2016
Sale Price

This toy was comparable to Tickle me Elmo following his big success in 1996. We found it new in the box and I posted it for sale but I didn't have much hope that anyone would want it but a few weeks later - SOLD.... this time of year people are buying all kinds of stuff - so clean out your re-gift closet and let us find a buyer for your things! 

1930s Disney Courvoisier Multiplane Painting Cel Wynken Blinken Nod

Submitted by Mike on November 21, 2016
Sale Price

Disney-anything always sells well - the older the better. A friend once told me he had a chance to purchase an original sketch by Walt Disney himself (Walt was NOT an artist by any means) but he passed it up to sleep on it and it was gone the next day. When buying OR selling, your first offer is usually your best and you need to jump on things quick. Sometimes you lose a few bucks but imagine what a big score that could have been if it really was legit!

Microsoft Windows XP OS Professional Version 2002

Submitted by Mike on November 21, 2016
Sale Price

I'm posting this just to say that it's a sad shame people need to buy software from nearly 15 years ago as the companies' current software sucks so much - and has always sucked in general. The buyer wasn't even in another country... well I guess Texas MIGHT be another country someday but probably not in the next four years Booyah

1962 Original GM Chevrolet Dealer Book Guide Brochure

Submitted by Mike on November 13, 2016
Sale Price

We've mentioned the value of transportation related items before but with this piece I just wanted to mention that it sold in less than 24 hours for $20 more than the highest comp I could find. With some items that are less common, you can almost name your own price and that experience is what we offer when handling your things on consignment.

Antique Japanese Glass Fishing Net Globe Float

Submitted by Mike on October 19, 2016
Sale Price

I'm posting this not because of the sale price but rather as it was something that I previously had no idea what it was. According to our computer software, we've sold nearly 30,000 items - so I've seen a LOT of stuff. But I was clueless about this until my 73 year-old uncle pointed it out. I'm sure I could have poked around and figured it out but it just goes to show that no one knows about everything. So if you have something strange - I'd love to take a look at it and we can figure it out together!

Thomas Arnayuinak Arviat Inuk Whale Bird Folk Art Carving

Submitted by Mike on October 7, 2016
Sale Price

We generally don't get good returns on contemporary art. This little sculpture was only about 10 years old and retailed for $750 - but fine art only commands those kinds of prices in a gallery setting. To recoup 50% of the investment was a pleasant surprise and we only got that as we were patient with our approach as opposed to just auctioning it to the highest bidder.

Antique Victorian Eastlake Pulpit Wooden Reliquary Chair

Submitted by Mike on October 3, 2016
Sale Price

We rarely try to sell furniture on eBay as the shipping cost ruins the value, but in this case the item was small enough and the piece was unusual enough to give it a shot. Not really a huge sale when you consider the age and craftsmanship of this piece, but at least it found a good home in CA nearly 3000 miles away.