Anichini Brocade Tasseled Throw Pillows

Submitted by Mike on August 1, 2017
Sale Price

I'm posting this to say that while $50 isn't a huge sale, these couple throw pillows were hundreds new and most people would have just tossed them. We recently managed a fairly affluent estate and we knew everything was nice so we didn't underestimate anything. As professional 'pickers', we can't afford to leave any stone (or pillow) unturned.

1904 General Custer's Last Fight Casilly Adams Anheuser Busch Cromalithograph

Submitted by Mike on August 1, 2017
Sale Price

This piece had a lot going for it - it was a beer advertisment, art, and a history lesson all in one. The owner had originally paid $5000 for it but it had a condition issue which kept it from being worth what he actually paid. It is a rare piece and sometimes people simply overpay for things when there isn't a good sounding board for value. Even had it been perfect, we fished for a couple months but 750 was all it was going to bring.

Vintage Crown Trifari Rhinestone Owl Pin Brooch

Submitted by Mike on July 25, 2017
Sale Price

We've previously mentioned how crazy some people can get over costume jewelry and being able to identify something as being special is the key. This piece had been in our back area for months waiting to be placed on the floor for a mere $10. Our regular friend Phoebee offered to help sort and stage some of our holdings and discovered this little bird which sang us the sweet tune of $370!

Native American Indian History Map Drawing by Wounded Swallow

Submitted by Mike on July 21, 2017
Sale Price

This was a really special piece - a 19th century drawing by Wounded Swallow of the Sioux peoples. It was recreated in the early 20th century with additional data regardng Native American affairs and distributed among known tribal chiefs across the country during a time when the US Government was negotiating reparitions. The subject matter made it valuable in itself but condition issues and lack of additional provenance kept it from being more valuable. I think we got a fair price and it went to a good home and that's all we could hope for.

Original Sketch Hy Rubin Saturday Evening Post illustration WWII

Submitted by Mike on July 5, 2017
Sale Price

All is fair in love and war! Artwork can be hit or miss but usually a good original with good subject matter will have at least some value. This is the type of piece I had to pick a price and see if anyone bid. And I did get exactly one bid. While we know that certain types of items don't sell for much at auction, I sometimes wonder if a piece like this might have exploded at a high-end art auction. The problem is, said high-end auctioneer probably wouldn't have taken it...

Antique Tula Tule Russian Brass Coal Samovar Tea Pot

Submitted by Mike on June 20, 2017
Sale Price

We see old things like this all the time. This particular piece was a cut above in condition and quality but at the end of the day, who wants it? The owner suspected it was worth as much as $2,000 but it took us several months to get the 400 we did - which another dealer affirmed me was a GREAT price in this tough economy we all live in.