Interesting Items

Antique Cast Iron Horse Head Figural Hitching Post

Submitted by Mike on April 18, 2018
Sale Price

Here's a piece I thought was really cool and might be worth a fortune but after it sat on my shelf for six months waiting to sell, my best offer was only $100. I've learned the hard way that just because I like something doesn't mean it's worth what I had hoped it would be. And usually your first offer is your best offer so don't look a gift horse in the mouth! 

Antique Dutch Country Oak Pie Safe Cabinet

Submitted by Mike on April 11, 2018
Sale Price

Over the past few years we've learned that most antique furniture pieces just aren't very desirable anymore and the values have dropped across the board. Using the reach of the Internet, we still manage to sell the better pieces we come across in a timely manner. This old cabinet sold for what I thought was a respectable price and is on its way to New Jersey - it only took about a month to find it a good home! Many antique stores are no longer in business because their owners failed to use technology to market their finds...

Antique 1909 Automobile Map Of Washington D.C.

Submitted by Mike on April 10, 2018
Sale Price

We got this old fold-up map from a box of stuff slated for the trash and recognized it needed to be saved. On the cover it says 'Automobile map' and was dated 1909. In 1909, cars didn't even have four windows yet - just Google 1909 Ford! So being a road map, this was really a piece of transportation history from 100 years ago and anything transportation related sells! While $50 isn't a lot of money, this map probably sold for a nickel way back when which makes it a great item to blog about! We even found Damascus on the map!

Antique General Store Wrapping Paper Dispenser

Submitted by Mike on April 8, 2018
Sale Price

Old mercantile pieces are getting hard to find and can sometimes be hard to describe when selling. One of the most critical aspects of getting things sold is trying to use the perfect words to help collectors find the items they are looking for. While there are many collector books you can read, this is not something you can just lean overnight and is one of the most valuable things we do for our consignments. 

Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Veterans Ceramic Canteen

Submitted by Mike on April 8, 2018
Sale Price

This was an award given to surviving Civil War veterans at the turn of the century. We know anything old pertaining to military conflict has value and this was a piece that I thought would generate a little more interest than it did. When selling things on eBay, some types of items we auction, starting them at a fair opening bid and letting the public carry the price higher if warranted. In this case, I might have done better 'fishing' for a high price and taking offers.

Original 1867 Augustus Tholey Engraving Print Stonewall Jackson

Submitted by Mike on March 19, 2018
Sale Price

One of my own staff members, an experienced eBay seller herself, asked me to represent this piece from her private collection. There were no comprehensive values to be found and she knew that I had a better chance of getting a good price for it. When it comes to premium items, we definitely earn our commission. Give us great items and we'll get you great results!

Antique Edwardian Victorian Cut Steel Beaded Shoe Clips Buckles Bows

Submitted by Mike on March 8, 2018
Sale Price

During the great American depression, money was tight and many women may have only owned one or two pairs of shoes! In order to dress up those shoes for church or date night, fashion accessories like these clip inserts could be attached to add a little 'bling'. Can you imagine only owning one pair of shoes?!

NEW old stock Timex Skiathlom 6500 ski watch

Submitted by Mike on March 2, 2018
Sale Price

When I did some research, I was excited to see that one of these same watches (also in new condition and being 30 years old) had recently sold for $300! I had a whole case of them and I was thinking I'd finally be able to replace one of our iMac computers with all the money I'd make! I had new batteries put in and listed one but then, a stream of collectors told me how ridiculous my price was. While someone, somewhere, at sometime may have paid that much for one, much to my chagrin it seemed I would not be getting the same price for mine.